In this class we will go over concepts, designs, and interior and exterior application processes on substrates on either a 3-D form or 2D surface. I will work with each student individually in helping you each achieve your vision.

I will be supplying gloves, various adhesives for exterior and interior applications, Grout, Mosaic Glass Cutters, and various tesserae and findings.

I will also like to talk to you before the first day of class to spark inspiration and brainstorm on your project about designs and concepts. We can also meet at least a week before class if you will be doing an underpainting. If needing a substrate please call ahead to discuss project.  I will have mannequin (legs or arm) or a boards available for purchase based on what you are needing for your project.  Also, if you are needing supplies, we will have some tile from mosaic art supply avaible for purchase.


Exterior materials: are those that are frost-proof. 
Glass, stone, porcelain, high fired ceramic, dishes, etc. 
Interior materials: can be all the above plus low-fired or high fired materials and may include materials such as van gogh glass. 
I recommend your materials be fairly easy to cut and not too thick. 
Here are some great links for more supplies: 

Sculpting Clay called FixIt Sculpt. It’s a marine grade epoxy for outdoor works. Great for creating another dimension and sculpture pieces to your substrates. Magic Putty is another great material to work with when using jewelry, found objects, and dishes. And is a great alternative to grout. It comes in 5 different 


Additional studio time available for enrolled students   

Mosaic Workshop with Jennifer Rodriguez for ages 15-adult

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