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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Be thoughtful and considerate of others - If you feel sick please stay home


Appointment only: Visual Expressions will be open only for registered students and client/customer appointments.   Sign up at least 24 hours before class: Registration for classes, workshops, and art camps must be made at least 24 hours before class via online or on the phone at 972-293-1117. 


Masks will be required: If a person is not wearing a mask, they will be given one.  Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave immediately. 


Practice Social Distancing: All of our classrooms will have a max of 6 students to practice social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines and in coordination with State and County authorities. 

Infrared thermometers: Staff and Teachers may take temperatures of persons entering the facility and or at the beginning of each class. 


Healthy Hygiene Practices: We will have hand-sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol in every classroom and throughout the facility along with disinfectant wipes.  All staff and teachers will be instructed to properly clean all surface areas, door knobs and any other frequently touched surfaces before and after each class, workshop, and art camp with a madaicide spray cleaner.  In the classes of supplies and tools that can be used and shared, they must be cleaned before and after each individual use. 


Contact Tracing: We will be taking attendance in all classes . Students are highly encouraged to contact their teacher or Visual Expressions at 972-293-1117 if they do not plan to come to class. 


In the event that there is a case of COVID-19 identified, we will notify local health officials, staff, teachers, and other students while maintaining the confidentiality as required by the American with Disabilities Act. The facility will be closed for 72-hours before deep cleaning and disinfecting. A sick staff member, teacher or student would not be allowed to return to Visual Expressions until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation which is currently two negative COVID-19 tests following a 72-hour period of no fever.

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