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Our Teachers


All classes are taught by highly regarded teachers from around the country that have been successful for both in their educational careers and personal sales. 


Robin Ingle

Robin Ingle is a nationally recognized Texas artist who has lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area all of her life.   She began her career as an artist many years ago when she was handed her first Crayon.  From that point forward she knew her destiny. 

Robin is an accomplished artist who has shown/competed with her artwork and judged art shows throughout the US for 30+ years.  She is a nationally known accomplished western artist who is currently working with resin based contemporary art.  Experimentation along with her continued education working with artists around the world has brought together and expanded her knowledge for multiple forms of art.  


Kelli Howie

Many years of experience giving instruction at both private and public institutions such as the University of Dallas Adjunct, Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and Wade College, Independent artist and Civic Cultural Organizer, works in the creation of images and objects to enhance human experience, art has expanded from theater costume, set and prop design to the fine arts currently working in watercolor, oil, ceramics, nature photography, and sculpture using modern materials. Kelli has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Art, University of Dallas, Master of Fine Arts, Southern Methodist University.


Joyce Price

Joyce has 28 years experience in education as a teacher, assistant principal, principal in public schools and university instructor . She uses oils, acrylics, pastels, water color and mixed media.  She loves using her expertise as an instructor to guide students toward discovering their own potential. Developing a child's artistic mind can release them to become more expressive not only in an art class, but in speech, reading, math, science and social studies. Her desire is to equip children with the basic art skills and to introduce them to a new language - a language of artistic expression that will awaken and unleash the expressive child.

Meet The Team


James Cahalan

James-Ryan Cahalan and is an artist that works in many different mediums but primarily in oil paint and drawing . He went to college at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver Colorado where he majored in fine arts education and has now been teaching here in Dallas Texas since 2012.


Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez is a Dallas Texas artist whose passion for art started at a young age.  Her fascination with art started with her mom who is a nationally known artist.   As a kid she remembers watching her mom mix alluring colors to create stunning oil paintings.  It was at that moment she realized her love for color and what it could create. 


In 2004, she accepted the opportunity to work with her families’ business as the gallery and art school director as well as an educator.  With being exposed to different artists, she has gained appreciation for many different mediums, processes, and techniques that continue to enhance the look and feel of her own artwork. 


When she is not creating her own artwork, she continues to spread her devotion to the arts through educating today’s youth to help fuel their own passion for the arts.  She has implemented and worked on various community art monuments. 

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